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180 N Apache

Buckeye, Arizona

About this property

180 Apache Rd is a garden style apartment complex located in Buckeye, one of the fastest growing cities within Maricopa county. Through a large scale interior and exterior remodel plan, branding of the property and bringing a quality tenant base in, we have transformed the property into a strong well performing asset. With strong employment opportunities and a shortage of affordable housing, we saw the massive upside potential in Apache Rd. Buckeye is poised for even further growth with private and public capital fueling major development and expansion projects through the city. In addition, job growth over the next decade is expected to exceed 40%.

No. of Units


Key Metrics

Projected IRR: 17.8%

Equity Multiple: 2.0x

Purchase Date

August 10th, 2020

Hold Period

5 Years

Acquisition Price


Hold Period

5 Years

Hold Period

5 Years

Year Built


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